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2016 IvySee Puppy page for information on future litters.

August 12, 2016:
I have a new litter born July 31st. All the pups are spoken for but I hope to breed again next year.

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     July 31, 2016

Cricket & Boru have had a litter of puppies. This is Cricket's first litter and it is a small one, two healthy solid black pups. I am very disappointed I don't have more pups to place with all the wonderful people who have been contacting me. The pups will go to the families who were already on my list before this litter was born. I would be happy to place requests going forward on a list for next year's litter.

Cricket - the mom


Boru - the dad
If you are interested please contact me with your information and what kind of pup you are looking for. I will send you my questionnaire and add you to the list. You can reach me via e-mail at

I honor first come, first served whenever possible. But it is much more important that I match each puppy with the family / individual which seems to fit them best. I don't accept a deposit till the pups are actually born.


Some questions

to think about as you prepare for an Airedale puppy:

1. Why did you choose an Airedale?

2. What research have you done?

3. Have you had a dog(s) before?

4. If yes, what kind and what happened to them?

5. Do you have time to give a puppy the 24/7 attention it needs for a least two months?

6. What will you do with the puppy when you can’t watch it?

7. How do you plan to house train?

8. Do you have a crate for the puppy?

9. Do you have a yard?

10. Is it fenced?

11. Do you have a place for the puppy to dig? Airedales love to dig.

12. What do you plan to feed?

13. Have you considered a raw diet?

14. What part will this puppy play in your family?

15. If a family dog, who will be responsible?

16. How do you plan to train? Any particular method?

17. What is your mind’s eye picture of your puppy as an adult dog? (personality, things you’d do together, level of training…)

18. How will you exercise the puppy?

19. Do you plan to neuter the pup?

20. Do you have a vet picked out?

21. What are your thoughts on vaccines?

22. Do you have a groomer?

23. Have the groomer ever groomed an Airedale?

24. Do you have time to brush the puppy twice a week?

25. Are you going to be moving any time soon?