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2016 IvySee Puppy page for information on future litters.

August 12, 2016:
I have a new litter born July 31st. All the pups are spoken for but I hope to breed again next year.

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    My goal is to raise a puppy that will bring you joy. I have put a lot of effort and study into finding the best way to raise a confident, healthy dog, for nothing brings heartache faster than illness and poor training. A puppy's early experiences have a major impact on it's future life. I take care that they are well socialized and exposed to many new challenges in a safe environment. I use the Puppy Rule of Seven as my guideline.


By the time a puppy is 7 weeks old, it should have:

1) BEEN ON 7 different surfaces:
Carpet, Concrete, Wood, Vinyl, Grass, Gravel, Newspaper, etc.

2) PLAYED WITH 7 different types of objects:
Big Balls, Small Balls, Soft Fabric Toys, Fuzzy Balls, Squeaky Toys, Metal Items, Wooden Items, etc.

3) BEEN IN 7 different locations:
Yard, Kitchen, Car, Garage, Public building, Vet Office, "Stranger's" house etc.

4) BEEN EXPOSED to 7 challenges:
Climbed on and off a box, Pulled a bitsy wagon, Go through a tunnel, Climbed up & down steps, Learned sit, Climbed over obstacles, Played hide & seek, etc.

5) HEARD 7 loud noises:
Gun shot, Thunder, Metal pans dropping, Vacuum, Dryer, Whistle, Horn, etc.

6) EATEN IN 7 different locations or on different surface:
Crate, Yard, Kitchen, Bathroom, Kennel, On metal, Crockery, etc.

7) MET AND PLAYED WITH 7 new people: including children & the elderly

I handle the puppies daily. I make sure they are used to having their teeth checked, nails clipped, ears handled, etc… Housetraining is started and basic training begun before they leave here. I guess you could say they are born into a puppy kindergarten and it doesn’t end till you take them home, and hopefully not even then.

Because of what I have learned in my nutrition and holistic studies I have switched all my dogs to a raw species-appropriate diet. The puppies are started on raw diluted Jersey cream or raw goat’s milk at three weeks old. Pasteurized milk is known to give puppies diarrhea. At four weeks they are introduced to raw hamburger and I start mixing rolled oats or cooked rice into their milk. By six weeks Mom only lets them nurse as a treat. They are drinking raw milk (mixed with Nuvet Plus) twice a day and have free choice water. I continue giving one meal of raw meaty bones, usually chicken legs, and one meal of a veggie/ground meat mix. By eight weeks they are weaned off milk, they still have their one meat and one veggie meal a day plus free choice water. I realize that for many reasons people do not want to or are not able to give their dog this kind of life management. I am very willing to work with people in this area. If dry food is to be fed I strongly urge that the nutritional supplement Nuvet be given as well. Dry pet food just does not have the live enzymes, vitamins and minerals that raw food has. I believe this is one of the main reasons for health problems in so many aging pets. Because Nuvet is cold processed and comes from natural ingredients it is able to supply most of these missing live nutrients. 

The puppies are ready for new homes at eight weeks. They are sent home with registration application, a written health guarantee, a vet certificate of health, and care package. I no longer dock tails or remove dew claws. I have not found a convincing enough reason to continue with such body altering surgery. The pups are given one conventional worming at six weeks. I try to keep vaccines to a minimum, since I believe they do more harm than good.  The only vaccines my Airedales are given is rabies, as required by law. I strongly recommend that the puppies be kept on a no vaccine or limited vaccine regime. I do urge that if vaccines are to be given that they be given singly and at least two weeks apart.
All my puppies are special to me, each one has a place in my heart.  And not just the puppies but the families that take them. If you get a puppy and ever have any problems, please, give me a call. I’m not just a seller of dogs, I am available to any of my “puppy people” who need me. Also if for any reason you are unable to provide a home for your puppy in the future please give me a call and I will help to locate a new home.

I do ship, the buyer is responsible for the flight cost (roughly $200) and the crate price. Contact me for more details.