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2016 IvySee Puppy page for information on future litters.

August 12, 2016:
I have a new litter born July 31st. All the pups are spoken for but I hope to breed again next year.

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Ivy & Bree's puppies from 2008

Sorry about the quality of these pictures. I was having awful camera troubles at the time. I now have a grand new Canon Xsi. Yay! Next litter pictures should be stunning.


 Annie is a sweet girl. She lives in central Maine.



Aggie is a gentle bundle of fun. She being enjoyed by her three human siblings here in Maine.



Colonel Parker Mustard is an alert pup. He is keeping things in hand in central Mass.



Gypsy is a dear. She is now a little boy's long awaited first puppy. She lives in Florida.



What a mischievous bundle of fun this guy is! Max is keeping his family busy on the Maine coast.



Pixel is the sweetest, darlingest, bounciest little puppy you ever did see!! She is bouncing around Portland, Maine now.



Ruby is a quiet fastidious girl. She is surveying life from western Maine.



Sierra is also a quiet, regal girl. She has gone to keep house in Canada.



Zeus is a funny, blundering big boy.  He is living it up with his people in the Bangor, Maine area.