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2016 IvySee Puppy page for information on future litters.

August 12, 2016:
I have a new litter born July 31st. All the pups are spoken for but I hope to breed again next year.

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Echo & Bree's puppies from 2004

Our very first litter...

Mr. Archi is living in southern Maine.

I know this is not a very clear picture of Andy but it expresses his personality perfectly! He was loads of fun. He is now keeping his family busy and well protected in southern Maine. 

Miss Bouncy Bet was the last pup to go. She was shy but very funny. She is also here in Maine. 
Bouncy Bet

Kira was a very gentle, proper puppy. She was first puppy I ever shipped. She is well & happy with her family in Florida.

Luke the fur monster. He was a wonderful happy dog. Sadly due to a car accident he didn't live to his first birthday. He was living in New Hampshire.

The first Riley; he was a very adventurous, mischievous puppy! Perfect for his police officer Daddy. He lives here in Maine.

Rufus was a quiet, retiring puppy. He is enjoying southern Maine. His family says he weights 70lbs now. 

I love this picture of Piper! She went to northern Maine where she keeps her family in shape with her endless energy.

This last picture is just for fun. The whole crowd...
'o4 crowd