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2016 IvySee Puppy page for information on future litters.

August 12, 2016:
I have a new litter born July 31st. All the pups are spoken for but I hope to breed again next year.

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I raise the traditional black and tans and the unique solid black Airedales. Please see the puppy page for prices and other pertinent details. Right now I am located in Maine. These are the large Airedales, ranging from 60-90lbs. The puppies are very family friendly. They are raised around lots of kids and many other animals. They get the best that I can give.

My goal is to raise an Airedale that will enrich the lives of everyone it comes in contact with. Dogs with vibrant health, correct structure, sound genetic makeup, wonderful temperament, and the versatility for which the Airedale was created. Even in the best litters not every pup will make the winning circle but every pup can, with a proper foundation, enhance the lives of its companions no matter what they choose to undertake.

Airedales are not for everyone.  They are not hyper but they are high energy. They require a lot of attention and exercise. You'll need patience and a very good sense of humor. Airedales are thinkers and can come up with a lot of mischievous ideas if left to their own devises. Being terriers they have an independent streak. They like to go off and do their own thing. They don’t stay glued to your side like a lab or retriever. But they always make sure they know where their people are. Airedales don't like repetition. I think that is often construed as stubbornness. They are very smart and once they understand what you want they don't know why they should have to keep repeating it. So they quit, thinking you're the stubborn, stupid one! I have found clicker training to be a wonderful method for training Airedales. It seems perfectly adapted to their learning style. Another Terrier trait is they love to dig and should be given their own bit of dirt to make craters in.  It's been my experience that adult Airedales get along best with the opposite sex.  Males tend to be more playful, messy, goofy and protective.  Females are more aloof, alert and tidy. Airedales in general are very affectionate and will want to go wherever you go and do whatever you do. 

Airedales were bred to be hunters, to help the common British farmer in a day when farming was not user friendly. The two breeds all researchers agree on as their ancestors are the Otter hound and the Black and Tan terrier. There is reason to believe that several other breeds contributed to the making of the Airedale terrier but no one is certain. In their past they have helped on the farm, herded sheep and cattle, pulled sleds, served in the police force, and carried messages in several different wars. They were and still are used for hunting bear, boar, big cats, rodents and birds. Now-a-day they compete in confirmation, agility, field trials, Schutzhund, and obedience and have been trained as SAR and therapy dogs. They also enjoy going on hiking trips, pulling scooters, bikes, sled or skiers, showing off tricks, playing flyball or just being your best friend. Airedales are truly versatile dogs!