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Friday, September 9th, 2016

dsc_1012 IMG_0027
I just took this puppy on a walk on a 50ft line and for the first time in four years the line never went tight. Cricket listened, she was paying attention to me and the line and still had a wonderful time exploring all the smells.

My dear little bird brain who only had a micro second attention span, no interest in food and an inability to tolerate physical touch now loves clicker training with food, adores massages and, and just went on a relaxed half hour walk without letting her leash get tight once. I cried when we got home I was so happy. It takes a lot of work to enjoy following smells and still keep attention on the person you’re walking with. I don’t know how to convey what a triumph this is for both of us. The other thing I haven’t shared is that cats are Cricket’s nemesis, I have many times despaired of ever teaching her not to chase them, on the way to and from our walk we went by several cat haunts and she responded to my voice each time and never tightened the line.

Here is her first clicker lesson at seven weeks.


Videos and weaning

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

Bummer!!! I tried to take a video of Cricket and the pups on the playground yesterday and my video camera died! I guess it’s back to still pictures.

Weaning has started and it’s been a bit bumpy. Cricket won’t stand up for herself. She is allowing them to bully and harass her, nursing whenever they want. In the day time her solution is just to run away. But at night when they are put to bed and have less space she gets cross with them and barks for me to come rescue her, thus putting the weaning on me. It has taken almost all week to figure out a solution that will keep all parties happy and quiet all night. But none of them are the best with regard to the pups future manners and interactions with other dogs. I’m hoping Cricket will learn to tell them “No” when running away stops working. (They are getting very mobile and adventurous and can follow her anywhere in the dog yard now) It’s not good for them to learn they can get away with whatever they want. Bullying and being rude is wrong no matter what species you are.


Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

I put my puppy playground together last night and Cricket promptly went and climbed into the slide house! It was pretty funny because she almost doesn’t fit. Then when I got the clicker out she very quickly climbed or sat on everything even on top of the sandbox turtle lid!!! None of the other girl have ever done that. Echo and Ivy found the playground a nuisance. 🙂 I will get a video of it today.

New Experiences

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

The first two weeks of their life I did the neonatal exercise. Once the pups opened their eyes I started working on the 7’s list. If possible I try to do way more than seven in more than seven categories. Here are their experiences so far.

Been on these Surfaces:
Wire mesh
Plastic bowl – getting weighed

Experienced these Objects:
Stuffed bears
Cat tunnel
Empty plastic wire spool
Open rubber ball
Foam ball
Tennis ball

Been in these Locations:
Whelping box
Living room
Grandpa’s living room
Grandpa’s upstairs room
Most of them have been around town with me running errands

Had these Challenges:
At this point just about everything is a new challenge but…
Been in Ivy’s crate
Been held by many people
Been weighed

Heard these Noises:
Their new ears are still over sensitive to noises so I’m not actively introducing noises. They are just getting used to the general everyday noises of the various locations we take them to.

Eaten on this or in this location:
Whelping box
Living room

Met these Critters/People
Some have met the cat
Miss Magenta just met Echo today
All of them have been held by six of my family members just about everyday.
All of them have met at least ten other people
Yellow, Blue, Pink & Purple are going with us to a friend’s house tonight to meet even more people, ages 50-2

They are only four weeks old. The list will keep growing as they get older. I will also be cycling these experiences back in so they get used to them.

The evening lesson

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

I made a goal this year: to train at least one of my dogs at least once a day every day this year, even if it’s only a one minute lesson. It’s amazing what you can do if you’re consistent. My trio have quite good manners but I’ve always dreamed of having them be super dogs. Just for starters none of them are anywhere near having A Seuss Sit. I have picked Sue Alisbys Training Levels to be my guide. (I am working through her old levels.) With tips gained from many different articles and books I have set my sights on level seven.
This evening I worked with Echo. She passed her Level One sit and down. Giving both of them cold, first try. Then we moved on to practice targeting. We haven’t done that “game” in months but she remembered, after a fashion. I was asking her to touch my hand with her nose. She was thinking hard. She only needed to move her head two inches to touch, it was delightful to see how she did it. Despite the very short distance she would give a little hop and bop my hand. I wish I’d had a video camera. Every time I training Echo I get warm fuzzies. She has come so far! We are both what they call crossover trainers, well, trainer and trainee. We both started with the traditional choke collar training. I trained and she learned, we got the job done but neither of us had any fun. Once I learned about clicker training it took me months and months to help her understand that training had changed. The poor dear would just sit frozen not daring to anything without being told. I felt so bad! I had only been doing the best I knew at the time but oh! How I wished I’d known then what I did now. To see my staid and quiet girl now get as excited as a puppy when it’s training time makes me laugh out loud and get moist eyes. She still has to have lessons broken down into much smaller steps then Bree or Ivy do. But she tries very hard and is so excited when she finally figures out a lesson. I love it!