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I just took this puppy on a walk on a 50ft line and for the first time in four years the line never went tight. Cricket listened, she was paying attention to me and the line and still had a wonderful time exploring all the smells.

My dear little bird brain who only had a micro second attention span, no interest in food and an inability to tolerate physical touch now loves clicker training with food, adores massages and, and just went on a relaxed half hour walk without letting her leash get tight once. I cried when we got home I was so happy. It takes a lot of work to enjoy following smells and still keep attention on the person you’re walking with. I don’t know how to convey what a triumph this is for both of us. The other thing I haven’t shared is that cats are Cricket’s nemesis, I have many times despaired of ever teaching her not to chase them, on the way to and from our walk we went by several cat haunts and she responded to my voice each time and never tightened the line.

Here is her first clicker lesson at seven weeks.


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