July 4th

We brought the puppies out to play under the picnic table at lunch time yesterday. If I had been thinking I would have had my camera out first thing. As it was I only got pictures of sleepy puppies and missed their adorable playtime. They got to practice gentle manners around the kittens again too. Mr. Yellow took a bit of convincing. He was going around eating everything and everybody. But a few flicks on the nose and even he was polite.

In the evening I took the whole litter with us to see the fireworks. It was a great place for extra socializing. Lots of people and of course everyone wanted to hold a puppy. I took my large wire crate and set it up on the van seats. That is where they stayed when they weren’t being held. I was delighted when several of them whined to be let out to go the bathroom, at four weeks old! I was so busy keeping an eye on everyone I didn’t have a chance to take pictures. When the fireworks started I had my eye on the pups who were all back in the crate at this point and sleeping. No one twitched when the show started. When I climbed back in the van after the show, everyone was still sound asleep. Miss Green was completely upside down, as unconcern as you can get. She made me laugh! She stretched, still upside down, when I tickled her and Mr. Blue looked up with a yawn and started chewing on Green’s outstretched paw. It’s safe to say the fireworks did not bother them!

One Response to “July 4th”

  1. joanne gustafson says:

    Reading about the pups and seeing such sweet faces brings tears to my eyes. I yearn for one (or all) of them! Unfortunately Joe will begin chemo therapy daily then radiation in Sept……..a puppy would get lost in the shuffle…….life is what happens when your’re planning your future! Thanks for sharing Hannah…. I think the pet part of my life is living vicariously through your blog! Yours, Joanne Gustafson