Four Weeks

The half way point already! I brought the puppies inside to weight them and while I was at it  I fed them their lunch. That was a silly idea. Puppies always go to the bathroom right after they eat. I spent the next half hour cleaning up messes. Next time I’ll feed them, THEN bring them inside.

Mr. Blue – 5lb 4oz

Miss Purple – 4lb 11oz

Mr. Yellow – 4lb 14oz

Miss Magenta – 4lb

Miss Green – 5lb 2oz

Miss Pink – 3lb 11oz

I have tentatively matched Mr. Yellow and Miss Green with families. I have my eye on Miss Purple or Miss Pink for myself.

One Response to “Four Weeks”

  1. Ann says:

    So very cute,looks like they are gonna be Beautiful Dogs! Your Kitten is sweet also…i love a Yellow Cat!