A scare

I nearly lost Bree, my male, to heatstroke today. I brought both the dogs along to the hayfield, like I’ve done before. I felt so bad, I should have been more careful! But I’ve done it every year and they love it so much. They both always get all the water they want and Ivy was fine. But I think Bree is getting more sensitive in his old age. He just couldn’t handle it this year. Thankfully I caught it in time and rushed him home to cool him down but it was still a close call. It was scary! Heatstroke comes on so fast! By the time I got home he was trying to vomit, his breath came in gasps, he had his head thrown back, his eyes were glazed and his tongue was purple. I am SO thankful for Homeopathy. Within five minutes of getting home and finding the right remedy his breathing had eased and his tongue was pink again. I was also deluging him with cool water. In case you don’t know you don’t want to use cold water for a heatstroke case, it’s too much of a shock to the system. In 20 minutes he felt well enough to move out of the puddle of water I had created around him. This evening he went out and did his sniffing rounds and was eager for the very light dinner I had for him. Thank you Lord! I’m not ready to lose my dog yet!

2 Responses to “A scare”

  1. joanne gustafson says:

    What remedy did you use? So glad you recognized his symptoms and knew what to do, I know how close he is to you. Jo

  2. admin says:

    I gave Homeopathic Belladonna in 30C potency. My Homeopathic First Aid book by Kaetheryn Walker indicated that remedy over others because of the vomiting and his stupor like state.