One less

Sad news, yesterday when I went to check on the pups I found Miss Pink lying on her side aimlessly paddling. When I scooped her up she was quite cool. I did what I could but this morning she was gone. I am so sad and distressed! She seemed perfectly fine on Monday when I left them. In my nine years of breeding I have only ever lost two pups in a litter. This time I’ve lost four and I have no idea why. I don’t know if I’ve told everyone but I am planning on keeping a female from this litter. With only six pups remaining that makes five available, two males and three females. I am praying fervently that nothing happens to these six! I am NOT looking forward to deciding who gets a puppy and who doesn’t. I will do my best to figure it out by the time the pups are six weeks old. I don’t think I can make a good decision any earlier. Also, I may need to hold one or two females longer than eight weeks to make sure I pick the best one for breeding.

The puppies got their tails docked and dew claws removed this evening. I love snuggling with them, they smell like fresh hay. 🙂 Miss Purple looks like she has a Roman nose. I’ll have to try and get a profile shot, she looks so cute!

2 Responses to “One less”

  1. Diane Gonzalez says:

    Ed & I want to offer our condolences on the loss of the little ones. Know that our thoughts are with you, and we’ll be praying for the six pups that are left. Looking forward to more pics!

  2. joanne gustafson says:

    Good morning Hannah, I know how much you adore your pups…my thoughts and best wishes are sent to you. Yours, Eric and Joanne Gustafson